Monday, June 18, 2012


Arrived at Port Douglas on Friday with a warm welcome from marina & will call this home for the cruising season

Entrance into the river & marina,27c & sunny is the daily average. We love the climate and locals here.

Wasn't long before Simon went fishing & exploring the river with our friend Rick, you can see why I declined the invitation!   "Little one"

"Big one"

Rick on the helm

Lady Douglas was on the river as the boys explored, so when the" big one" went in the water , the boys stayed close to Lady Douglas with the passengers telling them "big one" was behind them. They didn't look back , just kept dinghying back to marina. "Entertainment for the passengers of Lady Douglas"

The Sunday markets

Lots of tourists

Start of the main street. will take more pics during the week for blog

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  1. Good one you guys... you are helping us adjusting to the cold. The weather has improved and the winds returned to normal. So we are out in the bay living off the pick for a while.
    Weoftheboatpeople Paul & Julie.