Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Efate Island - Port Villa and Moso Island

In Port Villa at yacht world marina on a mooring buoy with Iririki resort in the background

Tanna Island

Tanna Island has an active volcano where you can stand on the rim. Took this pic at sea while heading for Port Resolution harbour

Aneityum Vanuatu,

Aneityum, pronounced Anaychum is the southern most Island of Vanuatu and a clearing in customs stop for Yachts. At has a cay called Mystery Island and cruise ships stop here and is the main income for locals. Richard george the local policeman wears different hats and did our customs and quarantine. Note the uniform!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Our SICYC friends came to see us at Bay de Prony

We arrived at Ilse of Pines and decided to stay a while

View from the yacht

This was a little bay 2 min walk away

We had great snorkeling here

Trying the local food

We loved the chicken & veg done in coconut milk and cooked in the ground

Locals dancing

Isle bayonnaise this sea snake came to see us

Bay Kuto Isle of Pines at sunset

Mark, Simon wished you were here, free bbqs

Had to give way to cattle on our way to the shop

Fantastic spot

Mark, lots of wood!


The old convict prison

Rubbish platforms all along beach

Mum and Dad on cruise ship

Just chilling

Great walks

Local transport a little more modern

Bush walking

Getting good at making bread without bread maker, Love the local pork sausages

Back at Bay de Prony we went to Islot Casy

Lots of mooring have been put down

The famous Island dog took us for a 4 hour walk around Island

Very beautiful walk

Found a grapefruit tree and paw paw

Fruits of Simon labour. Coconut, ruby red grapefruit,& Paw paw

Amazing trees
Then headed for Carenage via a few stops, it was like being in the Hawksbury river,very nice

Did some fishing but only got Baracutta

Old wharf

Heading back to Noumea, Not sure when I will post again, maybe Port Villa Vanuatu as I will only blog if I have free internet,

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Heading out of Noumea

Local church

Gadji, Baie Maa a yacht anchorage

4 wheel drive learner track

Corn growing

Bouloparis, town half way up coast

Goats wandering on road leading toThio

Lots of deer meat products here, Simon got some deer salami!

Not sure about this road sign!

Anse Vata Bay restaurant and pub

Baie de Sainte-Marie

Living by river and mangroves

Local suburb

Locals big on playing Boche
The French Citro├źn car we hired for the day

Simon just fitted! It's like a matchbox car with him standing next to it
Very scenic
This two way road to Thio "a mining town", was so narrow we only went 1/2 way as we felt it was to dangerous to continue with the windy mountainous roads and heavy vehicles coming from the other direction. " very scary"

Such a tiny car, laughed  together when we realised it was a 4 door