Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Not doing to bad with the fishing on Dunk Island, my friend Julie would love the fishing up north

Lucky we have a good guide book of fish, so we know what is good eating

Simon caught this cod

It was nice eating

Our last night on Dunk with a spectacular  sunset

Went to bed early as we planned to leave at 3am to head for Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island in the background, its 29k south of Cairns

Nice protected anchorage, fantastic weather, 25-26c, water temp is around 23c

Went ashore to explore,resort has lots of day visitors from Cairns& there is a beer garden a short walk away

Great pool, this was taken early morning

Rubber ring has trampoline inside, so people bounce then jump in the water. looks like fun! may try it tomorrow.

The beach is coral & sand with coral reef, great snorkling

Great rainforest walks, we love this island & will stay another day

Resort gardens

National parks camping area, has clean facilities, hot showers& free bbq's

The beach hut, next stop will be Cairns for a look before heading to Port Douglas marina.


  1. well done you two - you certainly have made some miles - great fishing too

  2. Rub it in... all hell is braking lose on South East Queensland. Today is the first day of reprieve. Nice fishing the way to go.

  3. Well, done Julie! Glad you guys are having such a great time.

  4. Nice cod Simon. I gather it tasted as good as it looked?