Saturday, June 9, 2012


Left anchorage around 10am to head up channel to Cardwell and across to Dunk Island

Majestic scenery

Leaving the channel

Calm waters

Anchored at Dunk Island and caught up with guys from yacht" first contact" for sundowners

Great beaches, had our first swim

Whats left of Jetty after cyclone yasi, no shops left & resort closed.

Lots of uprooted trees

Happy little guys, oyster catchers

This side of the Island copped a 9m wave

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  1. Hi you two, hope your keeping your spirits up, and a fine drop they are. We are just cruising south of the Whitsundays taking ones time. Bloody cold at times hows the weather your way?

    Take care safe sailing and look forward to another sundowners.
    Cheers John & Nancy