Thursday, May 9, 2013


Getting ready for this trip seemed to go very smoothly! I remembered a sunny day last year shopping that turned to rain as we headed back to marina. For those land lubbers following us, imagine a car boot full of food and trying to get it from the car park down the walkway along the fingers to the yacht, then getting it down companion way " stairs" to galley " kitchen" in the rain lol!" Lots of soggy packaging". Went prepared this time with dry bags " large heavy waterproof bags" Murphy's Law, no rain. Have the yacht well stocked now, lots of tin potatoes, salmon, mushrooms, corn, peas, beans, rice, pasta,  corn beef, fruit, baked beans, tomatoes, etc. Jar garlic, olives & chillies, biscuits, cordial, mixers for drinks, pringels " heard they are about $15 a pkt in the Pacific", chocolate, pkt cake mixes, sugar,  flour, yeast, flat breads etc. Have yoghurt maker and soda stream, make our own bread & pizzas in our gas oven. Have the head " bathroom" well stocked.We would normally have lots of  fresh fruit, cheese, salami, nuts,  meat and milk but cannot take it overseas , so will buy there if not to expensive. Looking forward to French coffee,cheese, bread, pastries and wine in New Caledonia, Yum!
 Simon has been busy today doing oil change on our inboard diesel perkins engine and filling jerry cans. We have a 300 litre fuel tank and will carry extra 120 litres. Yacht uses about 3 litres an hour when motoring " 0 when we have wind". We have a 300 litre water tank and also a water maker, so fresh water is no problem.

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