Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have arrived!

Left marina Thursday morning, got to Gold Coast seaway around 2.30pm, 132 hours later arrived Noumea " Wed morning". Actually could have come in sooner but needed to get to marina around 9am to do check in  with customs, quarantine etc . Had a great sail with gentle seas and swell, light to moderate westerlies all the way. Got warmer each day, thought it would have been chilly like Brissy but no, its 5.30pm actually 6.30pm here and we have the fan going, sea temp about 24c, have to change clothing in wardrobe around! Did not wear my off shore jacket at all! The staff at the marina here are very friendly and helped with our lines at berthing. We had to buy the special fittings for the elec and water in marina, it worked out about $14 which Simon thought was cheap for what we got compared to prices in Aus. Will be here for about a month exploring Islands and Bays before heading off. Friday 23rd , Went to super market after immigration and walk around town. Moet around $60, Sara would you believe lambrusco is about $15 a bottle. I got a 1 litre juice box looking container that was Dry Rose for $3.50, even comes in poppa size boxes and in white and red wine, I thought it was juice but Simon read alcohol content. Supermarket has groceries, alcohol, clothes, large cheese, fish, and meat section, so will be easy to stock up before going to Islands. 
Calm seas all the way, fish jumping but not onto hook

Wash day at sea

Went forward on a calm afternoon and we discovered 7 of these flying fish. Don't know how long they were there but they were pretty dried!

Approaching Noumea

At the markets

Locals dancing 

Marina through foggy lens!" fingerprint"

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