Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Efate Island - Port Villa and Moso Island

In Port Villa at yacht world marina on a mooring buoy with Iririki resort in the background

Fellow SICYC friends Rob and Karen at the grand hotel for lunch

chiefs hut

At Iririki resort for lunch and swim

Hideaway Island and bay are about an hour sail from Port villa at a town called Mele


Pub on beach

Went to the secret garden at Mele. We learn t a lot about the history and customs of the Islands especially during ww2

lets get this party started!

I have a head ache!

In Havannah Harbour heading for Moso Island pronounced Moozo

Very pretty and sheltered

Roland, a very special friend

Locals coming home from a days work on their farms called gardens, they fit a lot on the boats

Simon had permission to fish and got this enormous crab that fed us both for dinner

With Roland, Anna and family. Notice Roland and his son Carlson teaching Simon to throw a very large cast net in the background. This feast called laplap was cooked on coals as a farewell feast for us

Simon helping out with installing extra solar panel as there is no elec on the Island

A special place

With happy beautiful people that made us part of the family

Love the Pandanus

Roland and Anna have a last meal with us on the Yacht

Saying goodbye to the family was sad

Back in Port Villa for Simons birthday. This was our favourite fish and chip shop, about $10 each for this with drink

Then off to the french shop for coffee and cake

Then for drinks at Yacht club, Simon getting over birthday drinks the night before!

Nice beer!

Heading home, 160 hours to Bunderberg to check in with customs

This guy hitched a ride for a while before he hit the wind generator, think he was ok, no damage to generator. No wonder they call them boobies! Well in Bundy now resting, should be back in Morton Bay sometime in the next week. Love to all

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