Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Down to Baie De Prony

Stopped at Ilot Bailly for the night as we had westerlies, the anchorage had wind but no swell at all,

Very proud captain caught this in Bonne Anse in Baie De Prony

Had just gone through 3 metre overfalls on the way into canal wooden due to westerlies, then lovely calm water

Lucky we had our Grants guide to fishes so we could id what Simon was catching

Kissed most of these and put back as to pretty to eat

Anse Majic  was the anchorage we stayed in for a week in Bonne Anse, Baie De Prony. It has 4 mooring bouys and is well protected from most winds. Simon had a great time fishing. Back in Port Moselle Noumea, will stock up then go out again somewhere north with the se winds.

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  1. hya kids. nice to see that the weather and fishing gods are kind to you. we in aus are having lousy weather with rain, rain and more rain. great following you ...love and kisses from me and her