Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hawksbury River to Nelsons Bay,Port Stephens

Pittwater, Hawksbury River. Left Hawksbury Sat 14th at 2pm & headed for Port Stephens with eta of  6am Sun 15th. Arrived at Nelsons Bay, Port Stephens at 6am after an exhausting night of stormy weather that stretched from Broken Bay to Port Stephens from the NE that should have been a gentle E, SE 10 to 15's. 

We picked up a mooring in Nelsons Bay and had a well earned  nanny nap before going ashore for supplies

The 3 moorings are just outside the marina and the shops are a short distance 

We like this area and hope to come back and spend longer exploring as looking at the weather reports we  have ideal southerlies starting Friday 20th that should take us all the way to Brisbane.

Another glorious day

Great beaches

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