Saturday, October 22, 2011


Had good weather at Great Keppel

Nice to stretch our legs

Lots of walks to do

Shelter set up for yachties

Like the Percy's but done with floats

Weather right, so we head south
Rested up in Bunderberg before heading to Hervey Bay.

In time for Simon's 50th

Had much needed showers before heading to resort for lunch

Free champagne cocktail from staff

Both exhausted from sailing but making the most of the day

After this, we stayed at  the flats &Garry's anchorage,we had strong winds that kept us there for over 10 days

We are at Bribie overnight for a sleep, then home to Horizon shores. We will spend a few weeks catching up with family & friends here,then after fixing little headaches on the yacht will start our  journey south to Jervis bay, visiting friends & places along the way.

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