Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August explorations

August was a busy month with great weather. We had fun exploring Nara inlet with fellow cruisers then back at the marina for Airlie race week. We then went back to Nara with friends visiting from Brisbane before heading north, stopping off at anchorages along the way to Montes in the gloucester passage for the SICYC rendezvous. Back in Airlie for r & r before the fun run and heading back south.


Entrance to Nara Inlet

Yes, the water was this colour, beautiful place to be & sheltered from most winds but south

After the sun came out, lots of fishing

Susan,John,Mark,Simon & Julie, Nancy taking pic



Yachty's at sundowners

Heading north

Men at work cooking bbq, or is that Susan in the background

Giving way to whale with baby
Silly hat party! any excuse for a get together
Simon on passage " shag" Islet before 260 converge next day for picnic

Silly tie day! yes, another get together
Port & Starboard nails

Ready to party on Shag Islet
4 days of fun to raise funds for prostate cancer
 picnic on rock, count was 260 people

Parrot head party, " note Mark in laplap"
Montes, very panoramic

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